Book talk, books and FREE books!


First thing this morning I emailed the winners of my October giveaway. Congratulations!

Two winners of Fox Inheritance: Cristina and Loraine

Two winners of Supernaturally: Christen and Tia

Winner of Forever: Amanda

Winner of Last Little Blue Envelope: Jennifer

If you didn’t get an email, don’t despair. I have another stack of ARCs — fantastic books that came out between August and November 2011 — to give away soon!

And, I have a question for you:


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3 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Eeek!!! Thank you so much! I’ve been dying to read the Jenna Fox series! So excited!!! Can’t wait to see what other giveaways you will have later in the year! And I am anxiously awaiting your new blog!!!

    • Congrats! Hope you enjoy the book. And I am working right now on switching the blog so it’s easier to follow me — and easier for me to follow other bloggers too!

      • I am sure I will enjoy it! I’ve heard so many good thigns about it! I have my blog on blogger and I LOVE it! You will too I am sure! 😉

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